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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Henrietta's Table (Cambridge, MA)

Our Rating:

5 out of 5 seats at the table

When We Went:
We went to Henrietta's for a fancy dinner one night after work. We met some friends. It was a much anticipated visit to a place that we had all heard about for a long time (if you can't tell the expectations bar was set quite high).

The Food:

Wow. This is good. We ate a full meal and had desert. Not that the portions were small, we just wanted the full experience. It's not required to talk about what we had because everything we had, and everything we saw bring brought to other tables was great. If you visit, ensure that you get some of the side items. They were particularly good.

The Place:

Henrietta's is located in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. It is a great location. Henrietta's entrance is somewhat confusing. There is a small store in the front selling local food and culinary items. Walk past that to get to the dining room area. Each of the tables are comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere is fancy, but in (again) a relaxed way. One of us had just gotten back from two weeks of fabulous meals in Cannes and Nice and really enjoyed the unrushed pace of eating at Henrietta's.

Just had to link to a picture of their dining room...


One Bennett St
Cambridge, MA 02138

(Harvard Square; Charles Hotel)

Phone: (617) 661-5005


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