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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Snug (Hingham, MA)

Out Rating:

15 ounces out the full pint

When we went:

We first experienced the Snug in Early October 2005. It wasn't our plan, we stumbled upon it after not waiting for a table at another Hingham restaurant. We were glad that the other restaurant was full.

The Food:

The menu is relatively short, but none of us went home hungry or disappointed. The Bourbon Marinated Steak Tips were a definite hit. The Chicken Pot Pie was very good. Again, with a simple menu there's not much to say other than everything we had was great.

The Place:

Cozy definitely describes the Snug. It's a really nice bar, with a very family feel. After walking in you instantly feel at home. The keno screen is a bit out of place, but the TVs on each wall and above the dining room area blend right in. This is a definate place to add to the short list if your looking for a place to watch the game and have dinner.

Website / Maps / Etc:

The Snug
114 North St
Hingham, MA

(781) 749-9774

Google Map:


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