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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hingham Lobster Pound (MA)

Our Rating:

8 out of 10

When we went:
This is one of our summertime favorites on the south shore. Any night of the week that we didn't feel like cooking, didn't feel like spending alot, and wanted great fried seafood. We're trying not to make is a regular stop on our weekend because it isn't the healthiest food, but it is good

The Food:

They served fried clams (with bellies if you're courageous enough, or strips), Fried Haddock, Lobster, Shrimp, chicken strips, Fries and Onion Rings. Their plates are more than generous even for the most health appetite. Many people would be fine splitting a plate with someone else. Their fried bananas have a very light batter coating and are topped with sugar and come with maple syrup. They make a great desert, but only if you have enough room.
The Place:

It really is a shack on the side of the road. The Road is Route 3A in Hingham, Ma. There is parking for something like 10 cars in front of the Pound, but many end up parking along the side of the road stretching west. There isn't quite enough room inside to make the waiting area comfortable when it's busy. If you wander off to the right (the window is to the left of the entrance) you can find the lobster tanks. There is no dining room or other area to eat while there. There are no picnic tables or other accommodations. Plan on taking everything to go. You can drive a short distance towards the center of Hingham and eat at the park that overlooks Hingham harbor. We should know the name but forget at the moment.

Directions / Links / Info:

The Phantom Gourmet seems to like Hingham Lobster Pound. Here is their review.

Phone Number : (781) 749-1984

Address: 4 Broad Cove Rd Hingham, MA 02043-1818

Broad Cove Road is really Route 3A. Follow Route 3A East from Quincy and Weymouth or follow it West From Cohasset and Hull.


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Blogger Marc said...

I like the Hingham Lobster Pound a lot. Their fried clams are excellent. Nothing like grabbing some food there, then heading to Hull Gut to watch the sun set!

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