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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wild Ginger Thai (Norwell, MA)

We wanted to go out to dinner last Friday night with a friend. The stipulation was it had to be a "new to us" restaurant and not a chain. We decided to try Wild Ginger Thai in Nowell, it's right next to our gym, Webb's.

What a nice treat. We started with fried calamari and edamame. The calamari was outstanding and melted in your mouth. Jim had Chicken Gra Pow...let's just say it must have been great because he had it again on Tuesday! I had the Oriental Salmon with a yellow curry sauce and tons of veggies and sweet mango. Our friend had the Wild Ginger Fish which was tilapia with ginger sauce and tons of veggies. I tried this dish and it was great! The fish just melted in your mouth.

This past Tuesday I tried the crab rangoons, not my favorite at a Thai restaurant but they were good. I had the pad thai. I did not love this dish. The chicken was dry. If I want pad thai again I will definitely get it from Sweet Lemon in Weymouth.

124 Washington Street (route 53)
Norwell, MA

Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Dawn Til Dusk (Weymouth, MA)

Everyone loves coffee, but aren't you tired of Dunkin Donuts on every corner? This is a great change. It's right off Route 18 (Main Street to Pond Street). They have an amazing selection of homemade muffins, bagels, deli sandwiches, homemade ice cream...anything your stomach desires. In the summer you can even find unsweetened iced tea. If you like lemon in your iced tea, they'll squeeze it with an old fashioned press.

90 Pond St (Off Rte 18 aka Main Street)
Weymouth, MA 02190

Atlantic Bagel & Coffee Co (Hingham, MA)

If you are looking for a great bagel (NY style) this is the place. All other places have soggy bagels. The bagels are Atlantic Bagel are crispy. I recommend the sunflower bagel.

This is a great place to stop in Sunday morning , enjoy your coffee, bagel and Sunday Boston Globe.

Just becareful with the coffee, it's the hotest cup of coffee in the world.

In the summer they also have unsweetened iced tea.

282 Main St (off Rte 228)
Hingham, MA

Beijing House Restaurant (Norwell, MA)

9 forture cookies out of 10!
They won Best of Boston in 2003.

It's not your typical fast food chinese joint. This is great Chinese food. Their ginger chicken with string beans are amazing. They have the best crab rangoons I've ever had. You cannot go wrong with anything on their menu.

456 Washington Street (Route 53)
Norwell, MA

Next to Stop & Shop and minutes from Route 3

Liberty Grille (Hingham, MA)

Looking for the best fish and chips? Look no further. Liberty Grille has them! It's the freshest fish ever. If you are not in the mood for seafood, they have great pizzas, steak tips, and burgers. It's also the cheapest food I've eaten.

They are located at 8 North Street, Hingham, MA. There's plenty of parking in front and also a larger parking lot behind the building.

There is a second floor which can be reserved for larger parties.

One thing to keep in mind, they don't have air conditioning, or they have not used it every time we've been there this summer. After a long day in the garden in the sun, it's not the most relaxing place when all you want is some cool air.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Neighborhood Restaurant and Bakery (Somerville, MA)

Union Square, Somerville

This is probably the largest breakfast you'll ever have. If you are in the mood for great Portuguese food this is the place to visit. Breakfast comes with your choice of fresh fruit or hot cereal, homemade Portuguese pastries & breads, oj and homefriends. If you think this sounds great, their omlettes and french toast are the best! My favorite meal is the belgian waffle with fresh strawberries, rasberries, blackberries and whip cream.

After eating here you won't need lunch and maybe not dinner.
This is a small restautant, you feel like you like you are dining with the table next to you, but this is all part of the atmosphere.

Before you leave the house make sure you have cash on hand as this is a cash only joint!

Redbones BBQ (Somerville, MA)

This is by far the best bbq restaurant in Massachusetts. Great atmopshere. Their shredded pork sandwich is to die for!

They have a take-out menu, deliver locally and will also cater your next event.

55 Chester Street
Somerville, MA

Joshua Tree (Somerville, MA)

Great bar and fun place to hang out with friends. They have a good selection of salads.

Dali (Somerville, MA)

Looking for a great tapas bar? This is the place to visit. Only draw back is the long wait.....bit it's definitley worth the wait. While waiting for your table be sure to have their sangria.