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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wild Ginger Thai (Norwell, MA)

We wanted to go out to dinner last Friday night with a friend. The stipulation was it had to be a "new to us" restaurant and not a chain. We decided to try Wild Ginger Thai in Nowell, it's right next to our gym, Webb's.

What a nice treat. We started with fried calamari and edamame. The calamari was outstanding and melted in your mouth. Jim had Chicken Gra Pow...let's just say it must have been great because he had it again on Tuesday! I had the Oriental Salmon with a yellow curry sauce and tons of veggies and sweet mango. Our friend had the Wild Ginger Fish which was tilapia with ginger sauce and tons of veggies. I tried this dish and it was great! The fish just melted in your mouth.

This past Tuesday I tried the crab rangoons, not my favorite at a Thai restaurant but they were good. I had the pad thai. I did not love this dish. The chicken was dry. If I want pad thai again I will definitely get it from Sweet Lemon in Weymouth.

124 Washington Street (route 53)
Norwell, MA


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