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Friday, October 21, 2005

Rustic Kitchen (Hingham, MA)

Our Rating:
7 out of 8 Pizza slices

When we went:
A few times during the Summer of 2005

The Food:
The Food at Rustic Kitchen is very good. It's classic Italian. The wood fired Pizza oven, and Pizzas are something to note. They are of the personal and thin crust variety and very tasty. Nothing overwhelming with respect to portion size, but often we've ended up taking home 1/3 of the pizza after sharing an appetizer with someone else. The Calamari appetizer (with pine nuts, Jalapenos, and lemon pepper aioli are) is a must. It is quite different from every other calamari we've tried. The thinly slices jalapenos make it quite tasty.

The Place:
The Derby Shops are great. It's a refreshing format. Small and Big stores mixed in a outside Mall arrangement. Great chain stores that you see all over like Barnes and Nobel, REI, and others and others you don't like Berkinstock or Cold Stone Creamery.

The Rustic Kitchen itself is really very nice. It is welcoming, but feels a little like a chain (it is, but it's a local / small chain). It has a large outdoor courtyard (we've never sat there though) and a few interior areas. We have say right in front of the wood fired Pizza oven. It was interesting to see the people preparing the pizza and other dishes that were made in that area of the kitchen. Another time we sat in a booth at the bar and watched the Sox.
Website / Maps / Etc:

Rustic Kitchen
94 Derby St
Hingham, MA

(781) 749-2700

Google Map:


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