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Monday, October 24, 2005

Punjab Cafe (Quincy, MA)

Our Rating:

9 out of 10 Samosas

When we went:

We went to Punjab Cafe in the middle of October. It was a rainy day, but well worth braving the storm.

The Food:

Their food is pretty traditional Indian restaurant. We're not experts on the region, but this is the standard fair. The food was outstanding. They are able to control the level of spiciness if you have someone who is new to Indian food and doesn't appreciate the heat. We had an assortment of their stuffed breads which was outstanding. It's always nice to be able to get a few different breads. The Aloo Nan was especially good and the Pashawary Nan was a hit with the kids. We had the Tandori Tikka which was outstanding. The chicken came over a bed of onions and peppers that was very good. The Aloo Mutter was very good. A nice creamy sauce, but not too creamy. The heat level was just right. Unfortunately we didn't have room for any desert. If fact we ended up taking just about half of everything home. It made a great lunch the next day. They wrapped up everything very nicely.

The Place:

We were there at what was definitely rush hour. A enormous group of likely 25 people had come in, and continued to come in to fill the medium sized dining room. It was a little busy but we only had to wait ten minutes or so for a table. We never felt neglected. Punjab Cafe is located on Rt 3A in Quincy. It's a place that we've driven past sooo many times and always noted that we needed to try it out. It's roughly across from Quirk Nissan and the CVS. Very close to the Original Dunkin Donuts shop, if your into that sort of thing. The dining room is nice. It's a typical store front. There is a raised bar area that the owners use as a serving area. The interior was decorated nicely, and everything was very clean. Judging by the crowd assembled there the night we went (we were eating somewhat late) they will need to be searching for a bigger space, which is a good thing.

WebSite / Map / Etc:

Google Map of Punjab Cafe:

Punjab Cafe
653 Southern Artery
Quincy, MA

(617) 472-4860


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