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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baja Fresh (Hingham, MA +)

Our Rating:

5 out of 5 tortillas

When We've Been:

Many a night that we were looking for really good Mexican without cooking ourselves, or without taking a long drive, or without . We normally do call ahead / takeout.

The Food:

It's fresh. Might seem obvious, but you can really tell that the ingredients are fresh and they make everything on site that day. We really like the tacos (tres tacos mean a great thing, with Chicken and Carnitas never a bad choice). The Fajitas are really great. They come with a few shells and beans and rice. It your looking for something a little lighter the chipotle glazed charbrioled chicken salad or the chile lime chicken salad are really great, even if your not normally a salad person. Although they are tasty and tempting we've resigned ourselves to normally NOT getting an appetizer because with the meal sizes, which are somewhat generous a appetizer split among two people just makes eating dinner painful because you really don;t want to leave anything on the plate. It's all just too darn good.

The Place:

Baja Fresh is a chain. There's never anything too fancy or worth too much comment in a chain restaurant. The store is kept clean, and the seating is somewhat standard fast food issue. We much prefer taking things home and enjoying their great food in a more comfortable local.


92 Derby St. Suite 100
Hingham, MA 02043

(781) 740-4578


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